HelpAge Canada

HelpAge Canada was founded in 1975. Our mission is to work in partnership with other organizations to improve and maintain the quality of life of vulnerable older persons and their community. Our vision at HelpAge is for older persons to lead secure, healthy, active and dignified lives. HelpAge Canada is a founding member of HelpAge International and is part of a global network of organizations operating in more than 70 countries that help millions of older persons every day.

HelpAge Canada has many years of expertise working with isolated seniors in Canada and internationally.  In 2003, we initiated a Reaching out to Isolated Seniors (ROTIS) project in Ottawa with three partner agencies. It evolved into a collective of over 100 not-for-profits, public, private, faith communities and seniors identifying and reaching out to over 500 isolated seniors, connecting them with appropriate programs and services. HelpAge Canada also initiated an Interfaith Network Reaching Out to Isolated Seniors in Ottawa to support the spiritual needs of isolated seniors.

Since 2010, our seniors’ theatre group, Spect-ACT-ular, has given over 150 presentations in Ottawa to alleviate social isolation in a variety of locations where seniors live and gather.  Our intergenerational mentoring projects combat ageism and stereotyping among the generations, at the same time preventing social isolation among the participating seniors.

In Nunavut, we worked with local Elders, seniors, health and social service providers and the business community to gather information. We have been able to establish a Nunavut Seniors’ Society to act as “one voice” for the Elders and seniors.  One of our objectives for this project is to address social isolation of the seniors of this vast Territory.