Welcome to the Retired Teachers of Ontario Social Isolation Awareness Month!

mardi octobre 30 2018

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Throughout our lives, we thrive on our relationships. Meaningful connections with family, friends, neighbours, colleagues and our communities keep us engaged and socially active, contributing to happiness and better emotional, mental and physical health. But social isolation can affect anyone, especially retired individuals.

Often, after losing a spouse, or experiencing decreased mobility or cognitive decline, seniors may become increasingly isolated from their friends, family and community. Join the Challenge this October, reach out and connect with aging adults in your community.

Learn more about social isolation in seniors here.

Social Isolation Toolkit and Resources

The negative impact that social isolation has on individuals and communities is well documented. Social isolation can lead to elder abuse, reduced social skills, and poor mental and physical health.

Overcoming these barriers can be complex, requiring a coordinated approach from a variety of community organizations and services – to identify vulnerable, isolated seniors and support them to make connections with others in their community. Click here to access information on the available resources related to social isolation in seniors.