Meet a robot offering care and companionship to seniors

jeudi juin 07 2018

In our NewsHour Shares moment of the day, a Northern Virginia startup is using new technology and a sense of humor to care for the elderly. The NewsHour’s Teresa Carey reports.

  • Judy Woodruff:

    A Northern Virginia startup company is using new technology, and a sense of humor, to care for the elderly.

    The “NewsHour”‘s Teresa Carey went to Fairfax, Virginia, to meet RUDY the robot.

  • Teresa Carey:

    Olga Robertson has lived in her house for 57 years. With a large Italian family, including two daughters and grandkids, Robertson’s home has a lot of memories.

  • Olga Robertson:

    I’m here by myself most of the time, but I feel comfortable here. That’s why I don’t want to go into a home or anything.

  • Teresa Carey:

    But despite being a spry 88-year-old, Robertson has an in-home caregiver who visits every day.

  • Olga Robertson:

    She helps me do a lot of things. She will take me places, like to my doctor’s appointments. She even does word puzzles with me.

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