Chinese police officer goes above and beyond to help elderly man

Monday, June 11, 2018

A policeman from China is being praised for his selfless act towards an elderly citizen who was seen battling to cross a road.

police man china officer

Have you ever been at a traffic light and see an elderly person trying to cross the road? The stress they’re placed under attempting to cross the road before the light changes is sometimes too much for me to bear.

A video has gone viral of a police officer in China who came to the rescue of an elderly man after he was unable to make it across the road in time.

As cars waited patiently for the man to make his way across the road, the unexpected happened when the police officer appeared and offered to help him cross the street – piggyback style.

I love the compassion and kindness that this police officer shows to this elderly citizen. We need more of this in today’s world.