Police officers help 84-year-old man visit his ailing wife in heartwarming viral photo

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

When an elderly Pennsylvania man found himself in a bind, local police officers stepped up.

As Scranton, Pa., affiliate WNEP reports, the nearby Montoursville Borough Police were called to act last week when they learned that an 84-year-old local man named Roger Baker had no way of getting to an area hospital to visit his wife of 60 years.

Mrs. Baker was taken by ambulance to the hospital in Williamsport, Pa., following an unspecified medical emergency. With no friends or family available to give him a lift, her worried husband was left stranded.

That is, until the police came calling. Hearing of Baker’s plight, officers fetched him from his Montoursville home. On the way to the hospital, Baker admitted that a couple of times when his wife fell down and he couldn’t get her up, he flagged down a car and paid the driver $10 to come in and help her up rather than call 911.

Baker needed further assistance once they arrived at the hospital.

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