INTERNATIONAL – Seniors & Students Under One Roof

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

In new model, Hopkins house has students, seniors living together 

 By Mara Klecker    

Star Tribune

JUNE 13, 2016

On a table near the door of the historic Hopkins home sat two stacks of rental applications: one for “older adult,” the other for “younger adult.”

The home, called Stepping Stones, is being reserved for the first time for one senior citizen and two college students or recent graduates. It’s part of a pilot program run by the senior housing nonprofit Augustana Care, and the hope is that the three roommates will live together in the recently renovated home, sharing meals and going grocery shopping, all while learning from someone at the other end of the age spectrum. Continue….


NYU plans to house local senior citizens with students

 By Christie Smith-Sloman

New York Post

NOVEMBER 20, 2016

Beer pong at Grandma’s?

In response to soaring housing costs, NYU is rolling out a pilot program in the fall that would let students live in the spare bedrooms of local senior citizens.“We are extremely enthusiastic about the program,” said Ellen Schall, chair of NYU’s Affordability Steering Committee. “The cost of housing is a significant challenge for many students.”



Nursing Homes Letting College Students Live Rent-Free For A Great Cause

In an effort to save on rent, some Dutch college students are living at nearby nursing homes. In exchange for 30 monthly volunteer hours, the students get free housing in vacant rooms.

It seems to be a win-win for everybody. Not only are the students living in better accommodations than student housing and not racking up as much student debt, but they’re providing a better quality of life for the eldest residents by socializing, helping them with tasks, and teaching them tech-savvy skills like using email, social media and Skype. Continue