WINNIPEG, MB – Door to Door

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

The Healthy Aging Resource Team-River East and Transcona  are part of the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA), with support from Manitoba Health Seniors and Healthy Aging Secretariat.  Our role is to work with those 55 + in all areas of ‘health’.  We started a project last year with door to door introductions to our services and local programs, surveying non seniors about their awareness of isolation and providing the RISE poster.  We also invited all ages to a resource fair in a local seniors centre with supports re: finances, transportation, library services, mobility, housing, grants etc. were offered.  We will continue this project this year with a similar focus and a multicultural theme.  We had students on a six month placement focusing on community health, from the St. Boniface University Nursing program for the project. The residents that  we spoke to were very receptive but were not necessarily the ones we were targeting, but they did tell us of the ‘ones who used to live there’. Our approach was to invite them to our resource fair and provide them with brochures of a few senior services that we thought would engage them- housing renewal grants, home supports- housecleaning and shoveling and the seniors center in the area, plus our contact info. The residents who answered their doors and that we talked to were receptive. We suspect the ones that did not answer the doors were perhaps our target population, we also left tea bags with resources and a note ‘with warm wishes from us”.  We have been back to some of them with further information .  We also left tea bags with the materials with a note ‘with warm wishes from us.