EDMONTON, AB- Addressing Social Isolation in Edmonton

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Pan Edmonton Group Addressing Social Isolation of Seniors (PEGASIS)

The Edmonton Seniors Coordinating Council serves as a backbone for the PEGASIS collaborative by engaging community stakeholders and providing coordination and evaluation support to the initiative.

PEGASIS is a collaborative of senior-serving agencies in Edmonton developing new ways of supporting seniors to reduce social isolation and creating a community where seniors feel more valued and respected, and where their safety and well-being is actively supported. By addressing a range of factors that may lead to social isolation, including lack of transportation, poor language skills, and low income, PEGASIS will encourage and promote healthy connections and build networks among seniors, caregivers, and communities.

Social Isolation Showcase  

Social isolation and loneliness affect the health and quality of life of many seniors in our community. A recent survey of Edmonton seniors found that 3 per cent do not socialize with anyone over the course of an average week and 9 per cent socialize with only 1-2 people in a week.

The good news is that many Edmonton organizations are working to address social isolation of seniors and create a community where seniors’ well-being is actively supported. The Addressing Social Isolation of Seniors Showcase on December 1, 2016 highlighted efforts underway to identify, connect and support isolated seniors. Thank you to everyone who joined us. The opportunity to connect, share information and learn from each other was invaluable. If you were not able to attend, review the Topics Guide to learn more about the initiatives featured at the showcase and connect with the presenters.